The Outdoor Festibubble Event Program is for groups with over 40 kids who want or need to remain outdoors. This is the perfect solution for fairs and festivals, carnivals, and school or corporate events. Kiddie pools are set up as our giant  bubble solution trays. Professional bubble wands of all shapes and sizes are provided for up to 40 people at a time. (We'd say 40 kids, but parents are always trying their hand at mastering the art of the bubble!) We keep the area tidy and fun and give bubblist secrets to anyone who likes.

Prices start at 2 hours for $275.00

Additional hours: $100.00 per hour 


One Bubblist (at a time)     Two Bubblists (at a time)
2 hours: $275     2 hours: $500
3 hours: $375     3 hours: $700
4 hours: $475     4 hours: $900
5+ hours: get 2 bubblists     5 hours: $1125*
      6 hours: $1325*
      7 hours: $1550*
      8 hours: $1750*
      9 hours: $1950*
      10 hours: $2200*


Additional bubblists are available at $125 for the first hour and $100 per hour after that.
*We will need to add additional bubblists for extra long events 


If you are expecting under 40 kids - please see our Outdoor Only Bubble Party.