Do you have what it takes to be a bubblist?

It's not necessarily easy.  It's actually very hard work.

But it's fun and you get to connect with kids and show them a little bit of magic in this world.

You must have experience with children. 
We are not looking for credentials. (But if you have them, share them!)  We are looking for people who understand kids and who 'get' kids. You can have all kinds of credentials, but not be good with kids in practice. We know.  We've seen it.

Every Bubblist™ must be magical with children. If you are, you will love this job more than you can imagine.  If you are not truly magical with kids, then you will hate this job. And you will not make it out of training. So be prepared to tell us about your experience and what you love about kids.

We have built our reputation on being the best and providing the best service. Our performers are professional, punctual, and more patient and happy than most people can imagine people can be.  And they can perform in front of groups large and small. 

You do NOT have to have bubble skills.  We will train you.  You need to have the right temperament.  You've probably been called 'bubbly' before.

love kids
organized and on-time
drive a reliable HATCHBACK or SUV

We need awesome entertainers at upcoming events
for kids at parties and schools.
It is RECOMMENDED that you drive a reliable HATCHBACK or SUV - as you must carry
some equipment that won't fit in a non-hatchback-style vehicle. You also need to be
physically fit as you will be carrying your own equipment. (You will also need a garage
or storage area to keep your equipment safe and clean between events.)
This is not a full time job, but flexible part time gigs that fit in to your schedule... and
you get to be a rock-star to kids!


The pay is good.  We can talk about that when you apply.  We expect the best from you so we treat you well in return.

Send an email to with your contact information, resume, and anything else you think we should know... and we'll take it from there.

You will need to show that you are vaccinated and go through a background check.

(We'll ask the right candidates to prepare a video audition.)