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The "Best Bubble Party" is our signature party event. We provide indoor entertainment as well as outdoor hands-on activity for all the kids. We start with an indoor show that will be remembered for years to come. The Bubblist™ will perform a show (approximately 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the group - always tailored for YOUR group) on the magic, art and science of bubbles with bubbles you've never dreamed of.

See a real live rainbow materialize right before your eyes. See square bubbles, triangular bubbles, bubbles that bounce and float! Every child will even get a chance to step inside of a Giant Bubble (adventurous adults as well)!  Then we all go to the outdoor area, where the children get to make their own bubbles using our fun, professional bubble wands and professional bubble solution.   You and your guests will learn Bubblist™ tips and secrets along the way.  Your Bubblist™ is there every step of the way to create a sense of fun around bubbles.

Our shows are always tailored to your group and always age appropriate.

The length and cost of this program is dependent on the actual number of children attending. We do not have any rules set in stone about the number of kids and how long you need to book us.  We do highly recommend the following though.  And you are free to book us for as long as you like.  Additional time may be booked in advance, or occasionally may be available to book during your party.  You may fill out a Bubble Party Inquiry and/or make a Payments as soon as you are ready.


Duration   Recommended for    
1 hour   1 - 20 children   $225
75 mins   21 - 30 children   $265
90 mins   31 - 40 children   $305
additional time       $150/hr
$40/15 mins

For 40+ children: please see our Bubble Assembly Program & our Outdoor Festibubble Program.