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What ages are appropriate for a bubble party?

The Best Bubble Party is geared specifically for kids from 2 to 12.  However, even 1 year olds can appreciate the visual show.  And adults and even teenagers(!) are always surprised at how much fun they have!  Our Bubblists™ always create the show that is appropriate for YOUR group.  Older kids have been known to declare, "I had no idea bubbles were so cool!"

Do you have a toddler package?

We do! Our shows are appropriate for 2 and 3 year olds and we do a LOT of toddler
parties! Even 2 year olds love our shows. And we're always guaging audience reactions.
So if your toddler is getting antsy, we'll speed through the show and emphasize the visuals and the
hands-on play (both indoors and outdoors).

Another toddler option: We often do Outdoor Bubble Play for toddlers, so it's all
hands-on. Some kids will be there for the whole hour from start to finish. Most kids will
play with bubbles, run and grab something to eat, come back to bubbles, run off and do
something else, come BACK to bubbles, etc.

If you would like the bubble show, we ALWAYS tailor it for YOUR group. With
smaller children, we speed the show up a bit, keep it visual and very light on the science.
You will be surprised at how we can keep their attention!

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Is this good for a 1st birthday party

YES!! We do a LOT of 1st birthday parties! But the entertainment at first birthday

parties is usually for all the other kids.
The one year old will enjoy the visuals, but their attention will wax and wane. It's up
to you to decide whether you would like a show or just the outdoor only party. The
Bubblist™ can make bubbles and bring them to the one year old specifically as well.

What happens if it rains?

We can turn any party into an indoor only party. We can extend the show and add some guided hands-on interaction. Or if you have a garage or covered patio area, we can often
do the outdoor portion there.

Do you have any options besides just 1 hour?

Yes, we have options to fit any occasion.  Most people prefer our signature 1-hour Best Bubble Party that allows for approximately 30 minutes indoors and 30 minutes outdoors.   However, we provide a shortened show option as well as the ability to schedule additional Hands-on Outdoor Bubble Making.   Just be sure to let us know what works for you.  And we will always tailor our show to your group.


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I'm not so sure I want bubbles inside my home!?

Your home will be safe.  Your floors will be safe.  We always place a large tarp under our equipment to prevent any damage to the floors.  We go to great lengths to protect the floor under the performance area.  A little bubble solution may fall on the floor after a bubble pops over the audience, so some people prefer to place sheets or towels under the audience as well.  While this is rarely necessary, it can provide peace of mind.
We perform shows in homes with brand new hard-wood floors, white carpeting, you name it.  Remember that we want you to want us back!

Does the party HAVE to be indoors?

3 walls (plus a roof) are needed to protect the bubbles from breezes - even air conditioning can prevent a show from proceeding smoothly.   Possible solutions are: 1.  A garage. or 2. A 3-sided pop-up tent.  (Tents are not the perfect solution and a perfect show cannot be guaranteed.  But we always provide a fun and engaging show!)  If no indoor area is available, you can still enjoy our Outdoor Bubble Play Party.

Can we do the show in my covered patio?

3 solid walls (plus a roof) are needed to protect the bubbles from breezes - even air conditioning can prevent a show from proceeding smoothly.   Possible solutions are: 1.  A garage. or 2. A 3-sided pop-up tent.  (Tents are not the perfect solution and a perfect show cannot be guaranteed.  But we always do our best to provide a fun and engaging show!)  Covered patios only work if there are 3 walls (+ a roof covering) that TRULY protect from the wind.  Frequently covered patios actually create wind tunnels that make the show even harder! If your covered patio fits the bill, that is great.  But please remember that everyone will have a much better time if we do what we can do well.   If no truly protected space is available, you can still enjoy our Outdoor Bubble Play Party.

My party starts at XX o'clock.  When should you come?

Any time during the party is fine.  Just make sure to schedule the show a minimum of 30 minutes after the party start time.  In our experience, people ALWAYS arrive late.  30 minutes should give your guests time to arrive late and still enjoy the show.  The exception to this is when you schedule our Outdoor Bubble Play.  The Outdoor Bubble Play may be scheduled at the very beginning of the party to give the children an activity to welcome them as they arrive.

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Are you sure you can keep the children entertained for an hour?  Should I hire another entertainer (face painter, balloon artist, etc.) for the same time to make sure?

Our Bubblists™ can keep the children entertained.  There is no need to schedule another performer at the same time.  However, additional entertainers are always great before or afterward!

What should I schedule for the children at the end of the bubble portion of my party?

We have found a number of great ways to transition back to the rest of the party:
birthday cake time, meal time, pinatas, any other group games or activities, or even goodbye's at the end of a party.

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Can I video the Best Bubble Show?

No video or audio recording is allowed during the show. However, you may take all the still photos you like. You may videotape the final portion of the show when the children get to go inside a giant bubble.   We suggest you turn off the "red eye remover" setting on your cameras for the best bubble photos.

Do I tip my bubblist?

Tips are never required, but always appreciated!

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I'd like more information about what you do.

We offer a range of services, depending on what you want. We offer indoor shows on
the science and magic of bubbles.
We have outdoor hands-on activity where the kids get to make their own bubbles.
Our most popular program is our indoor show paired with outdoor activity for the kids.

We start inside with a really fun, visual show on the science and magic of bubbles.
We do big huge rainbow bubbles, square shaped bubbles, triangular bubbles...
And for the grand finale, every child gets to go INSIDE of a bubble!
(so you definitely want to have cameras handy!)

Then we go outside and everybody gets a chance to make their own bubbles. We provide
kiddie pools as our bubble solution trays and a huge collection of fun, professional bubble
wands .
Our Bubblist™ helps everyone make lots of great bubbles and gives out bubble
tips and secrets. The Bubblist™ can also make lots of bubbles for the kids who love
to run and chase and pop bubbles... And generally foster an atmosphere of fun around the

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Are you national?  Where do you perform?

We're not national yet!  Best Bubble Parties currently serves 7 counties in the Southern California area and we recently expanded to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. However mileage fees may be charged for some areas. Please ask.