Special Package for cooped-up families with cabin fever!


During this time of social distancing, we'd like to offer some low-key, low-stress bubble 'mini-parties' for single families.

We understand that kids need stimulation, fun, imagination, and activities.

Our normal prices start at $195. 

We are NOT doing ANY parties until March 28th.

Starting March 28th for a limited time, we're offering single-family hour-long parties for $150. 
We recommend our Outdoor Bubble Play parties to facilitate social distancing.
We are happy to attempt to put kids in bubbles (an indoor show element) for this special package,
but we cannot guarantee kids going in bubbles will be successful outdoors.

Things that we are doing:

We are STAYING HEALTHY with strong immune systems so that if, despite all our precautions, we contract the Coronavirus at your event, our immune systems will fight the virus efficiently.

If any Bubblist™ does not feel at peak health, we will substitute another performer....
and at LAST RESORT, we will cancel rather than risk the health of you, your family, and our own performers.
We will be flexible with our cancellation policies, and we'll need you to do the same.  :)

  • It is imperative that you limit the event to YOUR HEALTHY FAMILY
  • Maximum 9 people total - including kids & adults.
  • If there are a lot of kids, our Bubblists™ are instructed to leave. 
  • If anyone in your household is sick, CANCEL your event.
  • Our Bubblists™ are instructed to leave immediately if anyone coughs or sneezes.
  • Kids may absolutely touch our outdoor bubble equipment. 
    Not only are our parties soap-based, but we will wipe down equipment between parties.
  • Kids may absolutely NOT touch our indoor equipment.  
    Our indoor equipment is very delicate, and kids may not touch it.
  • Thank you for your help in creating a successful environment.

We want to reiterate that we take health very seriously: 
Your health and ours.

We offer this as a healthy, constructive, fun solution
for moms and dads and kids
who are going stir-crazy in this time.