#SaferatHome option!

Big Party Fun at “It’s Tuesday, let’s do something” prices


When you want to maximize fun and childhood engagement... while maintaining social distancing. 


You just want to save some money while enjoying amazing, professional quality bubbles.

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We provide kiddie pools as our giant bubble solution trays and a wide range of fun, professional bubble wands for the everyone to make great bubbles!

The package includes 2 bubble pools, 20+ professional bubble wands and 6 gallons of professional bubble solution.
It's a slightly smaller version of our outdoor bubble play - without the Bubblist.

Standard local delivery is included.  Travel fees may apply.

Extra Best Bubble Professional Solution concentrate is available as well.

4 hours   6 gallons solution   $125
Full Day (8 hours)   8 gallons solution   $225
Delivery       local delivery included
        Travel fees may apply


*Our DIY Bubble Party is NOT available at parks because of the exact timing required for park locations.

Reminder: This service does NOT include one of our fabulous Bubblists.  If you'd like us to bring our Bubbly energy to your party, please choose the Outdoor Bubble Play option.