Sometimes you just have to get messy!


A messy twist in the bubble world, the Messy Bubble Party is an outdoor-only event. In addition to our hands-on bubble play, we provide Bubble stations. In one station, all the children get to make their own bubble wands to use and keep. In another station, (here's where the messy comes in) all the kids get to make their own bubble art with our very own Best Bubble Paint.

We will provide all necessary materials, including a tarp to protect the bubble painting area. However, kids MUST be dressed in MESS-upable clothes or wear protective outer clothing! This is NOT for dress-up parties.


The Messy Bubble Party works best for 5+ year-olds and is designed for "bubble show graduates".

(Kids who have been to countless bubble parties, don't need to see another bubble SHOW, but still LOVE bubbles!)

If you have not ever had a bubble party or been to a bubble party, try The Best Bubble Party or the Outdoor Bubble Play first.


1 hour     
1 - 20 children
1 hour + 15 minutes   21 - 30 children
1 hour + 30 minutes   31 - 40 children

The fine print:

  • For safety, we must limit the Best Bubble Party and Outdoor Bubble Play to 40 children.
  • The Messy Bubble Party is Messy! Children should bring clothing that can get paint on it.
  • The Messy Bubble Party is for groups when ALL of the kids are 5 years old or older.
    Little ones tend to knock over the bubble paint or wreck havoc in other unforeseen ways.  :)